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Pets are always welcome!

Bring your pets out to the Canadian Pet Expo to enjoy an event with their family!

Talent Hounds

Talent Hounds and the Pet Network are hosting the Top Dog Trick Event with the CPE. Throughout the weekend you can drop by the TalentHounds area and meet the competitive canines and their trainers chasing the title. The 2015 Champions Noodles and HERO will be on site to welcome everyone to the CPE

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Canada's largest Cat Show

The Candian Pet Expo is proud to be the home of Canada's Largest Cat Show!


2017 Spring Canadian Pet Expo

Canada's Largest Consumer Pet Show

The Spring Canadian Pet Expo is the first National pet show of the year hosted by the Canadian Pet Expo April 14th - 16th. Over 255,000 square feet in three halls hosting a multitude of pet focused events. These exciting events are all high energy, interactive, and pet family friendly, that include Aqua Dogs, FlyBall, Hands on Exotics, WoofJocks Canine All Stars, Interactive Agility Pet Area, CKC Breeders Village, Canada's Largest Cat show, Rabbit and Guinea Pig Showcase, Ontario Dog Groomers Association Rodeo Rescue and the list of of pet excitement grows. Check the schedule to ensure you don't miss any of it.

The Canadian Pet Expo will be presenting its responsible pet ownership message to over 175,000 pet attendees and their pets through out Canada. With our diversity in the vendors list and dedicated team of sponsors the Canadian Pet Expo will continue to share the message that every pet is a companion for life and to share each day with them as you would with every family member.

We look forward to sharing our pet families with yours on March 25th-27th at the Spring Canadian Pet Expo
- Grant and Yvonne Crossman and the CPE Team

Promoting responsible pet ownership.