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Pets and Social Interraction

Pets are just like humans. They need social interaction, especially from their owners. If they dont get to socialize, then they will become depressed and withdrawn. But more than that, they need socialization with other animals. Heres a look at why social interaction with family pets is so important.

They Learn about Interaction and Those Around Them

One of the biggest reasons to socialize your pet is to improve their interaction and awareness of others around them. Its the socialization in the earlier days that will affect these skills in later life. Family pets who have been held, petted, and spoken gently to by their owners in the earlier weeks when interaction outside is dangerous for them will be kinder and more welcoming to others as they get older.

If they are scared of their owners, pets will be scared of others around them. They build up fear and related back to experiences when they were just babies.

View Other Pets as Friends

Unless the new pet is around other family pets at home, in the earlier weeks your pet wont get much social interaction with other animals. When seeing another dog or cat in the outside world for the first time, there will be some fear and apprehension. There is the chance that your pet will view other animals as enemies and go in for the attack.

Socializing with other animals from around three months is helpful to reduce the element of fear. Family pets get used to different breeds and experience play time in a controlled environment. This is important for biting during play this is especially normal for puppies, but they dont know the strength of their own bite without some interaction and learning.

This is also useful when meeting strange animals, such as other dogs or cats when on a walk. Your pets will learn to either want to play or will walk by without any mixed feelings of being a threat.

Help to Build the Mental Health

Humans and family pets have one major thing in common: the need for socialization to boost the mental health. When left alone, your pets will withdraw, believing that nobody loves them. Even just having another playmate in the form of another family pet will help with boosting the mental health.

Having a happy pet is essential. Happy pets are much easier to train and will be far more loyal and respondent throughout their lives. Socialization and petting will help your pets know that you are there, no matter what happens. When you are sad, they will be over to comfort you. They start to learn your cues to know when they are most needed, whether it is a head in your lap to stroke or a body to lay at your feet for comfort.

Socializing is essential for family pets. They need the interaction from you and others of their species as they get older. This helps to focus on good development, as they learn more about the world around them and how strangers arent necessarily threats. They can also learn from your body language to help support you in times of needs. Well socialized family pets are happy, loyal, and friendly.

4 ways to include your pets in Christmas fun

1. Take a pet-friendly vacation

If you're going away for a long trip, think about booking a hotel or house that is pet-friendly. That way, you don't have to leave your pets at home with a sitter or board them over the holidays.
If you're flying, many airlines allow you to bring pets for an extra fee, which probably won't be more than the cost of boarding them for a week or longer. If you're renting a car, check with the rental car company to see what their pet policies allow, and what liabilities you risk if your pet makes a mess.

2. Include them in your Christmas photos

If you send out Christmas photos or cards, be sure to include your pets in the portrait. You can hold the dog or cat in your lap while the photographer snaps the shot so they can be part of your family Christmas. You can also use the photo in a tree ornament and feature your pet in your home as well.

3. Dress them up in holiday outfits

There are plenty of holiday-themed sweaters, collars, tags and other accessories available for your pets to wear. Give them a little splash of colour by dressing your dog in a Christmas sweater or a cat in a bright red collar with bells.
If you want, you could even make your own addition to their collar by adding red and green ribbons. You could also go all out and buy one of the holiday-themed pet costumes for sale at your local pet shop.

4. Buy them gifts

Get each of your pets a stocking and stuff it with trinkets and snacks they like. Then, wrap up a gift or two and put them under the tree for a family member to open for the pet in the morning. They'll be excited to be included in the family plans and enjoy the extra treats, just like the rest of the family.

These are just a few ways to include your family pet in your Christmas activities. Remember, they are part of the family too. Including them in things like pictures and gift-giving makes the whole family happy and can create some great new traditions for years to come.

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