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Reiki is a gentle, powerful, non-invasive form of energy healing channeled through the practitioner's hands. It can be performed hands-on, from just above the body, or even over great distances. It relieves stress, promotes relaxation, and helps remove blockages from the body's energy system to allow it to heal itself. It is effective on its own, or when used in conjunction with standard medical treatments and other alternative healing therapies.

Reiki works at the physical, mental and emotional levels, is effective with acute and chronic conditions, and can provide great comfort and peace to patients and their loved ones in palliative care situations.

Birds and animals love Reiki! They are very sensitive to energy, and very quickly relax and receive when Reiki is offered to them in a gentle and respectful manner.

I understand that I am reserving a spot for my pet to sit for a Reiki session with Marci Burgess and independant Reiki specialist. I also understand that this session does not include admittance to the Spring CPE, and I will be required to purchase a ticket. As Marci Burgess is an independant exhibitor, I agree to hold the Canadian Pet Expo Inc. harlmess from any and all claims while attending the show.


Marci Burgess is a Reiki Master/Teacher in Animal Reiki as well as in the Holy Fire Usui and Karuna Reiki traditions.

She is a certified hatha/vinyasa and Sivananda yoga teacher, and most recently became a Laughter Yoga leader as well. Marci is certified in First Aid/CPR and Pet First Aid.

There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.
~ Leonard Cohen ~

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