Help us raise $50,000 for a BOOST Service Dog benefitting children in need.

Each year the Canadian Pet Expo along with the sponsors, vendors, attendees and friends dedicate their efforts in raising funds to support those in the family pet world that sometimes need a hand up.

Our 2017 campaign will be a special year as the CPE has set its goal to work closely with National Service Dogs. Through NSD a facility dog will be paired with the team at BOOST Child and Youth Advocacy Centre.

"National Service Dogs is a registered charity with the VISION of being Canada's premiere service dog provider, pioneering change in the lives of Canadians benefiting from their services. NSD's MISSION is to empower people to achieve their full potential with strategically trained and certified service dogs, catalysts for restorative change."

"Boost CYAC is committed to eliminating abuse and violence in the lives of children, youth, and their families. We believe that all children and youth have a right to grow up in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment. We are dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and violence through education and awareness, and to collaborating with our community partners to provide services to children, youth, and their families."

The NSD facility dog provided to BOOST will be offered as a supportive companion that can sit or snuggle with children while they are interviewed by police or child protection workers. Children will receive reassuring nudges and "visits" to help them feel safe and help ease their fears as they prepare for court appearances, attend court and begin the healing process BOOST has been waiting for a certified facility dog for almost two years and with the help of CPE and our network of sponsors, vendors, attendees and friends we can secure the funding to sponsor one of these unique dogs for Boost and the hundreds of children who rely on them each year.

The Canadian Pet Expo is proud to dedicate the funds raised through e-ticket sales and fundraising efforts to BOOST's future facility dog. Together we can help children face their fears, boost their confidence and help them to feel safe and secure.

As well for 2017 the CPE is proud to once again provide support to the Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation.

"Assisting those who are in the trenches, making Canada a better place for animals. Don's vision is of wanting to do more for those people who have dedicated their lives to make Canada a more humane place for animals.

The working relationship between DCPRF and the CPE is a strong bond that will continue in the foreseeable future. The DCPRF's commitment to support those that work endlessly day in and day out supporting pets each day is admirable and 100% pure Canadian!

While visiting the SpringCPE or while booking your E-Tickets please rest assured that the funds being allocated for the Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation and National Service Dogs are all indirectly generate from the many pet families of the Canadian Pet Expo.

Be sure to stop by these groups booths as well as the many other great rescues, clubs and pet rehoming vendors at the CPE to acknowledge their efforts. Without them there would be many more pets without families.

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